Shoredale farming is a diverse horticultural and agricultural farm located approximately 6.5km from the township of Innot Hot Springs, Far North Queensland.

Here on the land, the farmers are heavily reliant on a regular supply of water to service their livelihood demands. From drinking water to hydrate their family and livestock, to a routine weekly supply for their seasonal crops.

When H2O is of a short supply it could have a major detrimental impact on any farming operation, hence why it is essential to have a reliable water supply equipped with a reliable pumping method. We were approached by Bill and Simone from Shoredale farming and asked if we could assist them in designing a solution to cater for their needs. We opted to utilize a solar pumping solution equipped with a German quality, Lorentz submersible DC Pump. The PS 1800 C-SJ-18 centrifugal pump is capable of pumping 4000L per hour with pressures of up to 100PSI. This system consists of 10x 240W High quality solar panels designated to drive the variable speed DC pump. We opted to overdesign the available PV to compensate for days of low irradiance which is site specific according to various weather patterns.




The main attraction that saved these customers thousands was that they did not require additional electrical infrastructure that was required for the supply of an AC grid connected electric motor. This initial saving paid for more than half of their capital investment when purchasing the solar pump, which in-turn dramatically reduces their return of investment. With electricity prices soaring in only one direction it was an obvious decision for Bill and Simone on which way to go. After installing the Lorentz solar pumping system we were able to achieve all expectations and beyond, with the final outcome consisting of the supply of clean and more importantly free water to:

  • 2 fully functional 3 bedroom houses
  • 3 sprinklers at each house with the capability of running 10hrs per day
  • Livestock water supplying 100 head of cattle on a daily basis
  • A 20000L storage tank for night use


“We are extremely happy with the Lorentz solar pump installed by Shorecan Electrical and Solar, it has saved us thousands on electricity costs and we can actually afford to keep our gardens and lawn in good condition throughout the year”

The overall conclusion was that Bill and Simone were very satisfied customers, saving thousands of dollars on pumping water, whilst doing their part to contribute to environmental sustainability and achieving a personal sense of satisfaction with a carbon zero footprint. If you too would like to cut out your ongoing electricity costs associated with pumping water then we can cater for all your pumping needs with specialized site specific systems ranging from 1000L to 240000L per hour, no job too big or too small. Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you become “Positively Powered”!