Located in the township of Yungaburra, Food works supermarket has made the decision to move forward and “GO GREEN”.

This system comprises of 230 x 275W Canadian solar panels and 2 x 27KW Fronius inverters. We have carefully designed this system to not only look aesthetically pleasing but to offset a major proportion of their daily energy demand.

The Fronius inverters have an excellent online portal which allows the customer to monitor live daily consumption and production patterns. This tool is a great asset for businesses looking to reduce their energy demands by having the ability to simply spot inefficient appliances from the live online data and repair/ replace accordingly. This saves on ongoing electrical maintenance costs and gives businesses a lot more control of their electrical consumption.

An additional benefit of having a roof full of solar panels is the added insulating barrier. The panels act as a thermal barrier from the harsh Australian sun, reducing the ambient temperature in the building which in turn assists all cooling devices to cycle less, electronic longevity and critical appliances to run more efficiently.

With electricity prices going only one way it was a wise investment for Yungaburra Foodworks to move in the forward direction and act on being less reliant on our demanding electricity retailers.